The Caldera Project is specifically designed to address the questions of what the status of the wild trout fishery is and why, what could be done to change that situation, and what the quality of the angling experience is in the Caldera. In addressing these questions we will also examine and summarize the body of existing research that has been conducted in the Caldera to date.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today on The Ranch

It seems that things are beginning to pick up on The Ranch. Just this week, reports of Green and Brown Drake hatches. Anglers have continued to access Harriman, with many fishing "The Islands" at Big Bend. The heat has contributed to a large concentration of anglers frequenting the park in the early morning and evening hours. One angler at Fisherman's Access reported catching a few fish on nymphs this morning, while another angler reported catching a few more on-top. Flows appear to have stabilized following the massive release of water from the reservoir (see post below). We are hoping that, as this late season progresses, more anglers will experience better luck on The Ranch.

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iliketofish said...

Has anyone seen any good numbers of green drakes yet?