The Caldera Project is specifically designed to address the questions of what the status of the wild trout fishery is and why, what could be done to change that situation, and what the quality of the angling experience is in the Caldera. In addressing these questions we will also examine and summarize the body of existing research that has been conducted in the Caldera to date.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movement of Rainbows

The migration of the young of the year rainbow trout has begun. Flows out of Island Park dam are currently at 354 cfs, and younger fish are moving upstream to the warmer waters of the Buffalo for refuge. Monday at the Buffalo river dam, which was equipped with a fish ladder in 2005 to allow fish to access the habitat needed to complete their life cycles, was well packed with around 200 young of the year rainbow trout. Allowing fish access to these waters allows us to address the number one limiting factor of trout populations on the Ranch, which is getting the young trout through the harsh, predominant winter season. Winter in Island Park begins in November and snow-melt ends around early June. If you are around the area, now is a fun, prime time to see alot of fish moving upstream as a direct result of providing access.